Hiram Johnson High School
Sacramento, CA
Class of 1967 - 50 year Reunion
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The following people have not registered on this site. Some are on other websites and know about the reunion. Others, we have not been able to contact or they have not responded to us. If you know how to get in touch with any of the not found classmates let us know. Or contact them and let them know about the reunion and this website.

Also, there are more classmates not listed here. Pass the word around.

Classmates No Response or Not Found
Adams, (Longwith) Claudiaclaudialongwith@yahoo.comcontacted
Albini, Brucebruser76893@verizon.netcontacted
Alcartado, Rubycontacted
Alquist, Dianacontacted
Amante, Jackcontacted
Amstutz, Patrickpatamstutz@aol.comcontacted
Aquilar, (Osinga) Lucylosinga2@aol.comcontacted
Assagai, Melvincontacted
Axberg, Jeannegramaxberg@gmail.comcontacted
Basich, (Bakulich) Jeanninejbakulich@gmail.comcontacted
Batchelder, Robert Denniscontacted
Bearce, Sherylcontacted
Beeson, (Niemeyer) Kathycontacted
Benoit, Geraldgerald.benoit@netzero.comcontacted
Benoit, Robertcontacted
Bergquist, Richardcontacted
Berringer, Fredcontacted
Beskeen, Garygncbeskeen@comcast.netcontacted
Biggs, Hankcontacted
Bowling, (Rose) Sandrarose.sandra735@gmail.comcontacted
Bradney, Jamesaajakney@aol.comcontacted
Broderick, Stephencontacted
Brummer, Josephjbsoilex@yahoo.comcontacted
Bryan, Randycontacted
Burnor, Bonniecontacted
Burt, Charlescontacted
Busath, Bonniecontacted
Byersdorfer, Susansbyersdorfer@gmail.comcontacted
Campbell, (Pech) Gailon classmatescontacted
Castellanos, Raulcontacted
Chavey, (Lankford) Lindacontacted
Christopher, Johncontacted
Clancy, Pennycontacted
Clendenen, (Dillon) Sallycontacted
Coldwell, Duncanduncancoldwell@gmail.comcontacted
Combest, (Noble) Patpamprn@comcast.netcontacted
Cook, Ronon classmatescontacted
Coppenbarger, (Gualano) Jean (Billie)contacted
Coulter, Dorisdordor@wavecable.comcontacted
Cowin, Rickcontacted
Cowley, (Mclaughlin) Delinajmclaughlin@frontier.net.netcontacted
Cuddeback, Brianlilbit0683@earthlink.netcontacted
Dahms, Ferdcontacted
DAmico, (LaChappelle) Cynthiacontacted
DeBord, Michaelmike@debord.group.comcontacted
Degregorio, Jamescontacted
Delp, (Blankenship) BrigitteJensenCreekRanch@hughes.netcontacted
Dirham, (Ambro) Joyjoyfulmobility@gmail.comcontacted
Domich, (Cortvriendt) Susansus2u@comcast.netcontacted
Donlin, (Clark) Deesunngoldd@aol.comcontacted
Donovan, Johndonovanblackoak@yahoo.comcontacted
Dworkis, Robertadworkisb@gmail.comcontacted
Eowan, Georgecontacted
Epling, Robertrobertepling@hotmail.comcontacted
Erbe, Stevenstevrbe@yahoo.comcontacted
Erkel, Stephencontacted
Faivre, Scottcontacted
Fancher, Davidcontacted
Floth, Fredfloth@comcast.netcontacted
Fong, Jeffjeffong@live.comcontacted
Fosha, (Stoeker) Joancontacted
Fosha, (Vincenty) Joycejvincenty@comcast.netcontacted
Foulk, Dianecontacted
Frakes, Robertinci3339@yahoo.comcontacted
Fuwa, (Nakashima) Wandacontacted
Gentner, (Boggs)Patriciacontacted
Goetz, (Madrid) Kathycontacted
Gomez, Dannycontacted
Goytia, (Carrasco) Rachelarcarrasco@frontier.net.netcontacted
Graham, (Pilant) Jenniejenniepilant0769@gmail.comcontacted
Group, (Hogge) Pamcontacted
Gruber, Fayecontacted
Gulick, Joancontacted
Gwilt, (Lugo) Conniegclugo2@gmail.comcontacted
Gyorkos, (Quintana) Carolyncontacted
Hamilton, PaulaLayne is in touch with her.contacted
Hansen, Karlcontacted
Hanshaw, (Rideout) Judithcontacted
Harding, Suecontacted
Hayward, Robertcontacted
Henderson, Patcontacted
Hill, Davidcontacted
Hillman, Darnellcontacted
Hoagland, Raycontacted
Honda, (Nakashima) Norenecontacted
Howes, Billcontacted
Hug, Roncontacted
Hurd, Ruthcontacted
Inghram, Jamescontacted
Javar, Dannycontacted
Jesser, Thomasthomas.jesser1949@gmail.comcontacted
Joanne, (Alejandrez) Montescontacted
Kalas, (Patten) Pamelaon classmatescontacted
Keer, (Berry) Sharoncontacted
King, Michaelcontacted
Kolodzey, Tiacontacted
Komara, Stevecontacted
Kreutzer, Dominiccontacted
Kuechler, Paulwhistle89521@yahoo.comcontacted
LaChappelle, Andycontacted
Lagunas, Gilbertcontacted
Lang, (Boal) Dianeboalr@aol.comcontacted
Larios, (Munso) Ginnymunso@sbcglobal.netcontacted
LeCompte, Kendallcontacted
Lewis, (Jaggers) Darlenecontacted
Lewis, Michaelcontacted
Little, (Mortensen) Ardeania Suecontacted
Livingstone, Daviddlivingstone1@comcast.netcontacted
Loesch, Donalddonloesch@sbcglobal.netcontacted
Lombardo, Genecontacted
Long, Roncontacted
Lorigan, (Mashburn) Roneedemrkm@comcast.netcontacted
Mashburn, Donalddemrkm@comcast.netcontacted
Maticiw, Coraleecontacted
McDonald, Doncontacted
McKindsey, Janettejmiser13@gmail.comcontacted
McLaughlin, Mikecontacted
McVey, Billcontacted
Mead, Michaelcontacted
Mendonsa, Dennisdanbev49@gmail.comcontacted
Mendoza, (Petty) Ritacontacted
Meraz, Daniel49ermeraz@gmail.comcontacted
Mezzranares, (Myskey) Tarycontacted
Mike Petavine, contacted
Milawski, (Stewart) Catherineon classmatescontacted
Mileusnic, Marycontacted
Montes, (Alejandrez) Joannecontacted
Montgomery, Bobcontacted
Moore, Lindacontacted
Morgan, (Ferrrando) Kathleenakferrando@comcast.netcontacted
Mortensen, Randaldollcrafter.54@gmail.comcontacted
Mulkern, Marycontacted
Murata, Chriscontacted
Murphey, Patrickcontacted
Norsworthy, Michaelcontacted
Paullin, Daviddave.paullin.wyo.gmail.comcontacted
Pearson, (Roberts) Bonniekenbonnieroberts@sbcglobal.netcontacted
Pebbles, Donalddon@pebblescustomcabinets.netcontacted
Petavine, Mikecontacted
Peterson, Michaelon classmatescontacted
Pifer, Robertfishingrap1@att.netcontacted
Pompei, Tomtomandstellapompei@gmail.comcontacted
Poole, Michaelcontacted
Poole, RobertBobpoole@verizon.netcontacted
Pratt, (Jones) Dianecontacted
Puliz, (Mann)Sharoncontacted
Qualls , Marcycontacted
Ramsey, Billcontacted
Ray, Buddybuddray@msn.comcontacted
Richards, (Marlin) Vickivicki@asapreprographics.comcontacted
Romine, (Bozigar) Thereseterrilee@dslextreme.comcontacted
Sasaki, Stankodakkeeper@gmail.comcontacted
Savage, (Bassford) Robertacontacted
Shaw, Denniscontacted
Shaw, Suzannecontacted
Silvas, Dianecontacted
Smith, Normmothman48@yahoo.comcontacted
Smyth, Martinmsmyth@pacbell.netcontacted
Sofge, Kathycontacted
Steele, (Warren) Minnieminlen@att.netcontacted
Strong, Jimjnjstrong@yahoo.comcontacted
Stuckert, Daviddavid.stuckert@sbcglobal.netcontacted
Testerman, Michaelon classmatescontacted
Thiele, Lindacontacted
Thompson, Doncontacted
Tice, Paulcontacted
Tokubo, (Hiura) Charlenecontacted
Toney, Benjaminbdtexpress@att.netcontacted
Topham, (Mendonsa) Beverleedenbev49@gmail.comcontacted
Upton, Jerrycontacted
Upton, Larrycontacted
VanSanten, Toddtoddvansanten@yahoo.comcontacted
Vaughan, Daviddavidrvaughan@gmail.comcontacted
Vine, (Griffith) Laurelcontacted
Vouros, (Pappas) Stellasap@pappasenterprises.comcontacted
Wallace, Edcontacted
Wassner, Williamcontacted
Wescoatt, (Erhardt) Judithcontacted
White, Jonon classmatescontacted
Wiest, Jonno email addresscontacted
Wolter, (Johnson) Susansue.johnson.08@gmail.comcontacted
Wood, Carolcontacted
Woodbury, Carlcwoodbur@gmail.comcontacted
Ybarra, Rudycontacted
Yeager, Robertcontacted
Yori, (Ripple) Joannejripple2@gmail.comcontacted
Zutter, (Van Pelt) Terrion classmates and facebookcontacted
Adams, Calvinnot found
Alcala, Avelinanot found
Anderson, Christinenot found
Applegate, Lyndanot found
Arnold, Bevnot found
Artero, Stevennot found
Atonio, Juanitanot found
Barbier, Johnnot found
Barnes, Raymondnot found
Baser, Dennisnot found
Bennett, Twylanot found
Bernelle, Donnot found
Blackkolb, Douglasnot found
Blackshere, Zelmanot found
Blanchard, Susannot found
Boardman, Rebeccanot found
Bollinger, Patricknot found
Borges, Leslienot found
Brandt, Michaelnot found
Breakey, Josephnot found
Brigardello, Lindanot found
Briner, Cherylnot found
Brooks, Dianenot found
Brown, Dennisnot found
Browning, Billnot found
Bryan, Jonnot found
Buck, Thomasnot found
Burkle, Robertnot found
Bush, Janenot found
Butler, Helennot found
Byars, Williamnot found
Campbell, Geraldnot found
Cannon, Marynot found
Carter, Davidnot found
Cassidy, Patricianot found
Catiller, Dianenot found
Christensen, Tomnot found
Clark, Douglasnot found
Coleman, Patricianot found
Connell, Katienot found
Cooper, Brucenot found
Cotton, Donaldnot found
Curtis, Dianenot found
Curtis, Susannot found
Daniel, Ethelnot found
Davids, Danielnot found
Davis, Leslienot found
Davis, Robertnot found
Diaz, Lindanot found
Diaz, Lupenot found
Dold, Irenenot found
Dow, Le Annnot found
Duffy, Paulanot found
Dunn, Susannot found
Eger, Charleson classmatesnot found
Ehrhardt, Benjaminnot found
Evey, Michellenot found
Fabiano, Chrisnot found
Fake, Marilynnot found
Fales, Sharonnot found
Favila, Franknot found
Ferguson, Kathynot found
Fisher, Catherinenot found
Ford, Julienot found
Fournier, Richardnot found
Francis, Millienot found
Francisco, Christinanot found
Frederick, Marcianot found
Frye, Bettynot found
Furrer, Mariannot found
Galloway, Barbaranot found
Garcia, Rosenot found
Gendreau, Donnanot found
Gomez, Raymondnot found
Good, Marknot found
Goodrich, Richardnot found
Goodwin, Victorianot found
Gordon, Stephennot found
Graham, Richardnot found
Greule, Lindanot found
Hale, Georgenot found
Hall, Jacknot found
Hammett, Alicenot found
Hanke, Patricianot found
Hann, Garynot found
Hart, Patricianot found
Hass, Kennethnot found
Hecox, Garynot found
Henrey, Sidnanot found
Hill, Sharlynnot found
Holm, Johnnot found
Holman, Michaelnot found
Horne, Cherylnot found
Horner, Flora (Bobbie)not found
Houston, Glynnesnot found
Howley, Lindanot found
Hudson, Sandranot found
Hughes, Raynellnot found
Hull, Mary Lynnnot found
Hulse, Davidnot found
Hunsbarger, Richardnot found
Hunter, Kathleennot found
Hutson, Sandranot found
Iniguez, Kristinanot found
Isaacs, Marynot found
Jackson, Mikenot found
Jensen, Karennot found
Jinkerson, Josephnot found
Johnson, Raynellnot found
Johnston, Marthanot found
Jones, Glorianot found
Keelor, Stevenot found
Kehm, Garynot found
Kenyon, Terrancenot found
King, Bethnot found
King, Jacquelinnot found
Knuth, Lindanot found
Krauss, Gusnot found
Lawrence, Barbaranot found
Lea, Dananot found
Leader, Jeanettenot found
Lewis, Dorothynot found
Long, Johnnot found
Lopez, Delianot found
Manitone, Pamnot found
Marcum, Patricianot found
Martin, Dananot found
Martin, Elainenot found
Martin, Rogernot found
Marvich, Michaelnot found
McCann, Terrynot found
Medina, Almanot found
Montgomery, Montynot found
Moore, Michaelnot found
Mora, Bennot found
Moroso, Donaldnot found
Morris, Josephnot found
Morrison, Alannot found
Morrison, Karennot found
Mulkey, Madgenot found
Murray, Nancynot found
Neely, Shirleynot found
Ogata, Darrellnot found
Ogelvie, Jacknot found
Okimura, Calvinnot found
ONeil, Sheilanot found
OToole, Richardnot found
Paiva, Michaelnot found
Peterson, Michellenot found
Peterson, Robertnot found
Petrotta, Kathynot found
Petty, Brendanot found
Phelps, Leilanot found
Port, Lindanot found
Powell, Johnnot found
Puente, Thomasnot found
Pullen, Lindanot found
Pulsipher, Francisnot found
Quinn, Judithnot found
Rader, Virginianot found
Ramirez, Tonynot found
Rankin, Susannot found
Rayfield, (Twomey) Shellynot found
Reed, Deborahnot found
Reese, Cathienot found
Reiber, Margaretnot found
Rhoads, Esthernot found
Richards, Thomasnot found
Riley, Alannot found
Ringler, Claynot found
Ripple, Dennisnot found
Roberts, Kennethnot found
Rodriquez, Joelnot found
Rohrer, Desireenot found
Rolla, Kathynot found
Rose, Anitanot found
Ross, Gwendalynnot found
Rucker, Ronaldnot found
Sarente, Viviannot found
Scheiman, Martinnot found
Schick, Carolinanot found
Schmidt, Kurtnot found
Scott, Paulnot found
Senner, Janetnot found
Shank, Lindanot found
Simpson, Carolnot found
Skall, Evelynnot found
Skidmore, Hermannot found
Smyth, Nancynot found
Snyder, Joannnot found
Spitzer, Dianenot found
Stepps, Kennethnot found
Stevens, Vickinot found
Stewart, Joycenot found
Struble, Edwinnot found
Sullivan, Cynthianot found
Sunahara, Ronaldnot found
Taffet, Davidnot found
Tamantini, Stevennot found
Tateishi, Judynot found
Theis, Joycenot found
Tice, Kathynot found
Tincher, Raynot found
Tisdel, Vickinot found
Tompkins, Charlesnot found
Tyler, Jimnot found
Upton, Patricianot found
Valine, (Gude) Sylvianot found
Vasquez, Esthernot found
Vernon, Gaynellenot found
Victorio, Ruthnot found
Wainscott, Rosemarynot found
Walker, Davidnot found
Walker, Dionenot found
Walker, Kaynot found
Watson, Carlnot found
Weitzel, Billnot found
Wheeler, Susannot found
Wilson, Karennot found
Wolcott, (Riggs) Joycenot found
Yoshida, Robertnot found
Becker, Lucyon classmatesnot attending
Bell, (Svetich), Robertaon facebooknot attending
Carey, Davidnot attending
Morey, (Combs) Janeton facebooknot attending
Prisk, (Berhar) Lauranot attendingnot attending
Raviotta (Brooks), Debedbroo7@socal.rr.comnot attending
Shea, (Boyd), Deborahpennysmom49@comcast.netnot attending
Walker, WhitneyWhitneywalker@aol.comnot attending
 Total Contacted187
 Total Not Found221
 Total Not Attending8
 Grand Total416